douglas chiramboBLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow) – Bullets FC yet to honour the monetary  pledge to late Douglas Chirambo’s family who died from brain tumour in April.

A spokesperson of late Chirambo’s family Chief Kawazamawa of Rumphi said Bullets promised to offer K400,000 to the family and half of the GOTV prize as tribute the deft leftback.

“After we buried Douglas Chirambo we asked BB delegation if he died in vain and whether as a family we are going to be compensated but Bullets official said they would offer the family K400,000 and half of the GOTV prize money,” Chief Kawazamawa said.

But Bullets trustee Ruth Chenda Mkandawire was elusive on the team’s alleged pledge to the family.

“At the moment Bullets have no money,” Chanda Mkandawire said.

However, she contradicted with Bullets Vice-Chairperson Austin Kasito who said that he was not aware of the pledge.

“We are not aware of the pledge that Bullets would pay half of the money from GOTV Challenge to condole he bereaved family of Douglas Chirambo,” he said.

Chirambo died in April from brain tumour after close to year suffering from the disease.

He died after serving the team for 10 years sparking a hot debate over the appalling welfare of Malawian players.

Malawi’s top league runners Super League of Malawi (SULOM) introduced mandatory health insurance for the players through MASM.

But the teams have not been cooperative with only three out of 15 in the country’s top league complied with the directive.