Ramadhan granted bail

Ramadhan granted bail

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow) –Bullets FC expatriate coach Nsanzarwimo Ramadhan of Burundi was picked by Immigration Department over the illegal staying in the country.

The Immigration Department picked him over his visa to stay in the country and lack of work permit in the country.

The Burundian was arrested at a lodge Blue Bird Motel where he is lodging but information from Bullets indicated that he has since been released on bail.

Bullets chairperson Sam Chilunga said the coach  was granted visa for six months, but he was still required to renew it every 30 days, a thing that he did not comply with.

“It’s a normal routine that’s what Immigration Department do all the world,” Ramadhan said.

“They checked my passport and after checking my passport they released me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Burundian confessed that he was confused with the treatment at Bullets having been sidelined since the change of administration of former chairperson Kondie Msungama was forced out of the People’s Team.

Ramadhan arrived in the country in October last year for an initial one-month stint at the club to assist the team in the league campaign.

He has been assisting Bullets from behind the scenes, but cannot work on full scale, including sitting on the bench during matches in the absence of a contract.

Ramadhan is yet to be granted a work permit as he is yet to finalise a new contract with Bullets having mutually agreed to terminate the initial one on technical grounds.