Toilet selfie

Toilet selfie

SELFIE (Sthembiso Sithole, M&G) –A mirror in a toilet gives one an opportunity to be creative when taking a selfie, but it is unattractive.

A toilet is supposed to be a private place, but some social media users have decided to take selfies there.

Taking a selfie in a toilet has become the norm. Instagram and Facebook are flooded with selfies of people standing in front of the mirror taking pictures of themselves. While doing this, some users forget that there are other people in the toilet and they are infringing on their right to privacy.

Let’s take a look at this example:

Let’s try to refrain from taking selfies in a toilet. Here are seven tips

  1. A toilet is a private place.
  2. Don’t post selfies with a bad background such as open seats in a toilet.
  3. People don’t want to see you doing your number two. It’s unattractive.
  4. Taking selfies in a toilet can be destructive and one can forget to wash hands. Unless that is your trick not to wash them.
  5. Keep your phone in your pocket when you walk inside the toilet.
  6. Buy a mirror and take plenty of selfies before leaving your house.
  7. I know some of you go to the malls not to buy clothes, but to take selfies in the fitting room. Stop it!