Prostittute Andulire Mwambila

Prostittute Andulire Mwambila

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow ) —UK-based Malawian prostitute, Andulire Mwambira, who made headlines in British tabloids when she claimed she had a series of sex encounters with Manchester City star Yaya Toure and the midfielder’s brother Kolo of Liverpool, is now claiming to have entertained one of Malawi’s celebrated singers and now evangelist Mlaka Maliro.

Mwambira’s Facebook status claiming Mlaka should pay her money has been circulating amongst Malawians.

The prostitute claims she had sex with Mlaka when he visited England last year to sing. She claims they met in Manchester and had a quickie romp.

Now she wants Mlaka to pay for it or she will keep embarrassing him.

“Mlaka Maliro is not cooperative,” she claims.

“After reading about Yaya and Kolo Toure he should have just been compliant and deposited the owed money in my account as agreed,” she stated.

Maliro is now a full time pastor, evangelising at Cross Life Ministries in Chilomoni, Blantyre.

He has not publicly commented on the claims.

Mlaka shot into the limelight in the late 1990s with his debut album Dzanja Lalemba which until today remains one of the best compilations in the country.

With Maloto, the artist was propelled to another level as the second continued from where Dzanja Lalemba left from.